لعبة طبخ اكلات صينية


لعبة طبخ اكلات صينية

قومى بعمل الاكلات فى الاطباق المناسبة حسب الشكل الموجود فى اول اللعبة ويجب عليكى وضع اثنين من نفس النوع حتى ياكله الزبائن دون قبل ان يغضبوا

اللعب عن طريق الماوس

Sushi Restaurant

Sue prepares sushi for her customers in this game. You are given a scheme in the beginning. You must memorize it to make the right sushi and to which plate it must be placed on. Start the preparation by clicking and dragging the rice onto a plate in the middle, then drag the wasabi(its the green paste) onto the rice. Do the finishing touch by tying it up with dried seaweed(if the sushi requires) and dragging it onto a plate with the right color. You must place 2 on each place or the customers won’t eat them.

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    العبة ماجاي افتهمه

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