لعبة تلبيس براتز فاشن


لعبة تلبيس براتز فاشن

قومى بتلبيس الفتاة التى تريدين التحدى بها يمكنك رؤية الفتاة قبل ان تتحدى بها والبحث عن الملابس بالغرفة وهناك ثلاث مرات يمكنكى الضغط عليهم لترى الفتاة مرة اخرى

اللعب عن طريق الماوس

Game Challenge Bratz girls

Remember the Bratz girls? This is a wonderful game that lets you help them to get ready for a day out! They’ve all chosen a great outfit that they want to wear tonight when they go out with their friends, but unfortunately their bedrooms are all very messy.

When you’ve chosen the Bratz that you want to play with first, you’ll have a few seconds to see the outfit she’s chosen…and then you’ll see her bedroom. Find the items she wants to wear, and drag them onto the girl. There are lots of places hidden around the bedroom so make sure you open all of the drawers and boxes.

You’ve got three extra chances to see the outfit that your Bratz wants to wear, so just click on the mini picture of her to see these.

Once you’ve managed one of the girls, why not try the other three! See how quickly you can manage to get the full outfit together! Make all four Bratz look fantastic in their dream outfits for tonight’s party

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    شكرا ع اللعبة الجميلة

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    نايسسسسسسسس بس مو كثير 🙂

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    مرررررررررررررررررررررررة حلووووووووووووو

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